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The Only Three New Year’s Resolutions You Need

Want to get healthy in the New Year? For most people, health issues like losing weight and exercising are at the top of their list of resolutions. Yet, year after year, people fail to keep their resolutions and fall back into the same patterns. At Fast Track Urgent Care, we believe that there are just three resolutions necessary to help you stay on track towards better health.


For Choking Emergencies: Five and Five

Before the holiday season gets into full swing, we at Fast Track Urgent Care invite you to take a moment to learn a critical procedure that could save lives—the Five and Five.

The Five and Five procedure is the American Red Cross’ recommended aid to give to someone who is choking in order to remove the obstructing object from his or her throat and prevent suffocation.

It’s called “Five and Five” because the main components are:

  • Five back blows
  • Five abdominal thrusts