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What is a Sports Physical?

Virtually all sporting leagues today require a physical before participation is allowed. Sports physicals help ensure that the participant, as well as the other participants, can safely play without risk of preventable injury or sickness. Some people are at risk of serious injury or even death without even knowing it. Sports physicals can help doctors identify previously unknown medical conditions like irregular heart beats, joint damage, or other ailments that may not only make sporting activities difficult–but dangerous.


What is Lyme Disease?

Lime disease is a bacterial infection that can create a wide range of health issues by those that are infected by it. Lyme disease can affect different people in different ways and impact any organ in the body. For some, they may suffer only joint and muscle aches, while for others, they may experience impacts to their brain and nervous system. It can affect people of all ages and of any race. It can often by difficult to diagnose because it can take on so many forms–and share so many symptoms with other diseases and illnesses.