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Camp Physicals in the Silver Spring Area

Does your child need a summer camp physical in Silver Spring? Fast Track Urgent Care offers camp physicals at both of our convenient locations. No appointment is necessary! We accept all walk-ins during regular office hours.

Most, if not all, summer camps require that campers get a complete physical exam in order to register. Make sure your camper or counselor doesn’t miss out on swimming, bonfires, crafts, and s’mores! Get a physical at a Silver Spring-convenient Fast Track location today.

Why Is a Camp Physical so Important?

There are a number of reasons why getting a camp physical is so important—and why they are often required by the state.

  • To determine the campers’ general health and any potential safety issues– Getting a camp physical ensures that it is safe for the camper to participate in activities like sports, swimming, archery, boating, and other typical summer camp fun. The physical will include reviewing the camper’s medical history, physical health (including previous hospitalizations or illnesses which could affect his or her ability to safely participate in camp activities), and whether or not there are current health problems that could interfere with the camper’s participation in camp.
  • To discover any pre-existing conditions – During the camp physical, the doctors at Fast Track Urgent Care will also be able to address pre-existing conditions—such as asthma, sprains, etc.—as well as uncover any problems before they’re discovered (and potentially made worse) during camp. When pre-existing conditions are discovered or brought up in the examination, the doctor can prescribe medication, or an improved medication, particularly for asthma.
  • To provide personalized training tips – In addition to clearing the camper for physical activity and sports, your doctor can also provide training tips to reduce the likelihood of injury during camp.

What Happens During a Camp Physical?

During a camp physical at Fast Track, your doctor will do the following:

  • Review your (or your child’s) medical history
  • Perform a physical examination
  • Record height and weight
  • Take blood pressure and pulse
  • Test vision
  • Check heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat
  • Test joints, strength, and flexibility
  • Ask about any use of drugs, alcohol, or dietary supplements

Following the examination, the doctor will either sign the form allowing participation in camp or request a follow-up exam, additional testing, or specific treatment for a medical problem.

Getting a Camp Physical Near Silver Spring

When your child needs to get a physical to attend camp in Maryland, contact Fast Track Urgent Care. In addition to physicals, we also provide summer health care services like:

You never need to make an appointment at Fast Track! Come in to one of our Silver Spring-convenient locations today and let us take care of your summer camp physical!