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Ear Infection Treatment in College Park, Maryland

Are you worried that the pain in your ear might be an ear infection? Visit Fast Track Urgent Care for ear infection treatment near College Park. With two convenient locations, we offer quality, compassionate medical care for ear infections and other conditions. Get treatment during our evening and weekend hours—without missing school or work! No appointment necessary.

Do you have ear infection symptoms and need ear infection treatment in Maryland or Washington, DC? If so, call Fast Track Urgent Care or stop by our walk-in clinic. Fast Track Urgent Care, located in Kensington, MD, provides quality, convenient, innovative, and compassionate medical care in the Maryland and Washington, DC area.

We are open seven days a week and welcome all walk-ins for ear infection treatment in College Park! Our board-certified clinicians and doctors ensure timely and professional ear infection treatment for patients of all ages.

How Do I Know if I Need Ear Infection Treatment?

Middle ear infections are generally caused by bacterial infections and viruses. You may have an ear infection if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

  • Ear pain or an earache – The pressure of fluid in the middle ear often causes mild to severe pain.
  • Hearing loss or impairment – When fluid builds up in the middle ear, it can cause impaired hearing.
  • Discharge coming from your ear – Discharge from your ear is most likely from the eardrum rupturing as a result of increased pressure.
  • Nausea or vomiting – Discomfort in the middle ear can sometimes cause nausea.
  • Vertigo – If you feel dizzy, or feel like you or your surroundings are spinning, you are experiencing a form of vertigo which may indicate an acute ear infection.
  • Fever – Ear infections are sometimes accompanied by fever.

If you have one or more of the above symptoms, come to Fast Track’s walk-in clinic for an ear infection exam and treatment. Depending on what type of ear infection you have (different parts of your ear can become infected), a doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication—typically ear drops or an antibiotic—that you can pick up at our on-site pharmacy. In order to find out what kind of ear infection treatment you need, a doctor will ask you what symptoms you’re experiencing and perform a physical exam of your ear. Our doctors can examine your ear with special instruments that determine how much fluid is in your ear and also test the movement of your eardrum.

Why Choose Fast Track for Ear Infection Treatment in College Park?

When you visit our walk-in clinic for ear infection treatment near College Park, you will benefit not only from exceptional and expeditious medical care, but from lower payments as well. Our walk-in clinic has an on-site pharmacy and laboratory, enabling us to cover your ear exam and ear infection treatment. Our friendly doctors and clinicians are more than qualified and can immediately assess your earache and provide the right treatment.

Medical emergencies can happen suddenly, and sometimes there is no time to make an appointment. We understand, and here at Fast Track Urgent Care, we aim to make your medical experience as convenient as possible. So if you have an earache and are looking for ear infection treatment in the College Park, Maryland area, Fast Track Urgent Care can meet all your medical care needs. Call us or visit our doctors and clinicians today for prompt medical attention!