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Fast Track Supports Wounded Vets in FL Bike Ride

Homecoming is the celebratory start of what can be a tough road for America’s returning service members. Not only do they have to readjust to civilian life, but suddenly there are bills to pay and household responsibilities in need of attention. Thankfully there are many organizations and individuals working to make things easier on our veterans when they come home.

Fast Track Urgent Care is proud to be supporting one such organization this weekend by participating in the Tour de Solar Charity Ride to Benefit Wounded Veterans in Key Largo, Florida.

Funds raised for this event will be used to provide pre-paid solar lease systems for the homes of some of America’s returning heroes. In addition to raising awareness of our veteran’s needs, this program aims to help lower their utility bills and provide their homes with sustainable energy.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Homeowners

Using solar energy to help power a home has several tangible benefits:

  • It can save an average of 50 percent on utility bills—and often much more than that—and keeps energy costs consistently low for the life of the panels.
  • It can save more than 15,000 gallons of water a year, substantially decreasing a home’s carbon footprint.
  • It can add significant resale value to the home.

Health Benefits of Cycling

The purpose of the Tour de Solar is to raise money for wounded returning veterans. But it benefits the race participants too! Cycling is one of the healthiest activities you can do.

Regular bicycling can:

  • Reduce your risk of coronary heart disease
  • Increase muscle tone and build strength
  • Boost energy and increase stamina
  • Reduce stress and depression while increasing self-confidence

And if you find yourself biking instead of driving, you’ll be reducing pollution too!

Help Returning Veterans in Your Community

There are many ways to give back to returning service members in your community. Here are a few resources for veterans’ organizations here in Montgomery County, MD and those that assist all over the country.

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